Broadband in Lagos

Hello Everyone, I would like to start by introducing myself. I am no one important, I have no name worth knowing, no certification worth recognizing and frankly no idea worth spreading. But this is the internet and it allows freedom of speech the last time I checked; just before I started writing this blog, so I can come here and blab all I want. Now onto more important things,  for starters I am a tech enthusiast, I love tech, I eat, sleep, drink, smoke, breathe tech. Tech is my life I and it bothers me ever so slightly when it isn’t done right, and that is what brings me here. I plan to inform whoever is willing to listen about the intricacies of tech, the smart choices to make, the tricks to use, the pitfalls to avoid. However I would like to point out that you have no reason to listen to me or understand me, I am not responsible for what you understand, that is entirely up to you, but I would do my best to offer my own two cents, take it  with a pinch of salt and at your own peril.


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