Broadband In Lagos Pt 2

Hello folks, so about our broadband services in Nigeria who are the crappiest out of the crap, I would like to give my personal review out of all of them. first of all, let us list them out. We have Swift, Spectranet, Smile, Ntel, then we have IPNX, and Cobranet, I’m not even going to bother with those last two, not in this article anyway. These are the major ones and I specifically did not mention the GSM operators because they are not worth the bother and I would save them for a separate review.

Let’s start with Swift Networks, the golden child I like to call them. If you ask me, they were the one that broke through to the Lagos market. I remember when they first appeared on the scene. They had a ticketing system in specific locations e.g. Silverbird Galleria, Tetrazinni off  Akin Adesola street VI. The speeds they offered were blazing fast compared to the rest of what was in the market at that time, then after a couple of years, they started offering residential plans.  Ok so enough with the back story. Swift have managed to establish coverage. In Lagos state, they have the most coverage and it because they’ve had the most time. They were even successful enough to buy up some spectrum from Direct on PC commonly known as DOPC. Swift still has blazing fast speeds, but their plans are by far one of the worst, they are no more customer friendly, they become complacent as with every successful business that succumbs to the Nigerian factor.

Next on the list is Good Ol Spectranet. Spectranet is what I would call the underdog. They came out of nowhere, and they had big ol Swift to battle it out with and they didn’t care. They did well, they have coverage too, not as much as swift, but they did two things which among all others I commend. They gave Lagosians a choice, a really good one at that and they were not half as bad because they actually delivered. They have awesome customer service and they call their customers regularly if you miss your subscription or they notice you have stopped using them, they call and find out why. Best of all they even sent an engineer to my location twice to confirm the problems and proffer a solution.  The only bone to pick with Spectranet is their plans, they have great plans and until recently they weren’t throttling (looking at you SMILE) but then when you are in an area with the great coverage they can be very very good. Oh and I nearly forgot whenever Spectranet goes down,  just pack up for the day, they never come back up, it’s like there’s a monkey with a wrench that just goes to work and they take a lot of time to get him under control. And then we come to SMILE,  they are the black sheep. SMILE came out with blazing fast speeds but with very very high costs, and they were throttling from the start. Frankly, I’m amazed they had as many customers as they do now

SMILE came out with blazing fast speeds but with very very high costs, and they were throttling from the start. Frankly, I’m amazed they had as many customers as they do now not that it’s that much  but no matter. For a keen-eyed person as myself, it was easy to see that their speeds weren’t all that and their prices were too high, still too high if you ask me, but they made it work. SMILE as of now is crap, they have terrible plans that make no sense whatsoever, in fact, the worst plans in all of Lagos and their prices are ridiculous its like the sat down and threw dice around and decided on their prices. Although, after about a year or so they started to see the light and reduce their prices and match their competition with bundles and prices but still they are way above the bar and they have nothing better than their competition to offer. There is simply no reason to pick SMILE over Spectranet or any other broadband company, they just don’t cut. They need to step up.

Finally, we come to NTEL, formerly nitel and a few other names it has had along the way. Ntel did one thing that was impressive, they started the bundle wars, they change the game and the had blazing speeds to prove it, but I believe they bit off more that they could chew so now they dealing with the consequences. Ntel can be fast, really really fast, but they have very bad customer service, their devices are too expensive and their coverage is somewhat paltry at best. I’d their biggest problem was that they started out too strong and didn’t make plans to continue to keep the standard, the pulled in customers with their great speeds and great plans for a great price but now they are punishing them. One of the biggest issues I have with Ntel is the fact the PlayStation network doesn’t work on Ntel, you cannot play games online. It has been an issue since day 1.  And it seems that Ntel cannot fix it, it is simply beyond them. That is very very disappointing, I mean it could be DNS is or a blacklisted block of IPs, but no matter they are an ISP these kind of issues are to be fixed in a matter of hours. This PS4 issue has lingered for as long as they have been in business and it makes me wonder if they are cut out for the ISP wahala. Other than that, they recently increased their prices and the network has generally slowed down. I believe it’s becoming saturated and ntel is finding it difficult to manage it.  Oh well, that’s my take on the 4 major ISPs in Lagos that matter. the figure below is a small chart that shows my comparison of these four ISPs, please post your comments, I would like to know what you think?



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